Fostering Intercultural & Global Competence for deeper (personal) transformation

DAD - Advanced techniques

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Fostering Intercultural & Global Competence for deeper (personal) transformation

DAD - Advanced techniques


   Multiple levels







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Organisations continue to realise the strategic benefits and social relevance of embracing diversity and inclusiveness within their operations. In our long experience, sustainable measurable progress is most likely to occur when both structural issues (policies, systems, measurement) are addressed and (inter)personal development is prioritised.

Guest faculty
Dr. Darla Deardorff

Why participate
Join this course to get hands-on training in using and adapting powerful techniques for fostering deeper intercultural and global competence with your target groups. 

The first day focuses on experiencing then taking an in-depth examination with methodology designer Darla Deardorff, who initiated UNESCO’s Story Circles, a structured yet flexible methodology that has been implemented globally as a powerful way to foster intercultural and global competence and bridge divides, whether in the workplace, classroom or other communal settings. We will examine not only how you can adapt and integrate this methodology for your respective contexts and target groups, but how you can help other multipliers do the same. 

On Day 2, we will draw on the rich experience of the group to share and try out a variety of advanced techniques used for working with diverse groups to bridge divides. Bring your toolbox and questions with you and we will learn together as experienced colleagues.

Participant profile/requirements

This course is for you if are a in charge of or are a consultant/trainer/multiplier/educator who helps those who are:

  • Seeking straightforward yet effective techniques that leverage affective/emotional connections to help individuals in all types of environments build trust, allow for receptivity, and encourage the uptake of constructive discussion about differences and commonalities;
  • Looking to facilitate global competence and intercultural learning sessions for diverse target groups using the Story Circles methodology.

Learning outcomes
In this course, you will learn how to help yourself and those you work with so that you/they can better: 

  • Adapt and use the highly effective UNESCO Story Circles methodology to reap the benefits of emotional connection, storytelling, and listening for understanding in ways that may not be addressed by traditional trainings.
  • Be more effective in using specific techniques by getting expert and peer feedback on how they have successfully implemented these approaches when supporting clients, colleagues, students, learners, and participants in developing and strengthening their intercultural and global competence.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Participation listing 12 contact learning hours. 

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