Why, what and how

DAD - Culturally adaptive coaching across differences

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Why, what and how

DAD - Culturally adaptive coaching across differences


   Multiple levels







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“How does it feel to be ignored by your boss?”  To be an effective coach, one is taught to have the client explore their feelings. While many U.S. American clients may be comfortable answering this question, a Norwegian client may share feedback that they are not comfortable talking about their feelings so early in the coaching process. 

Culture matters in coaching. Culturally adaptive coaching matters in building trust, connecting with your clients, and providing space for them to have more productive coaching sessions and outcomes.

Guest faculty
Dr. Nagesh Rao

Why participate
Harvest the power of culturally adaptive coaching: Join this course to explore the ”Why, What, and How” of applying culturally-adaptive coaching skills with clients from diverse backgrounds. 

We will address these issues from both theoretical and practical lenses and serve two audiences:

For coaches of all levels (including those considering whether coaching is something they wish to pursue), this course will teach the importance of cultural self-awareness and reflexivity to be a more effective coach.

For individuals  in charge of incorporating coaching within their organisations—whether this is a for-profit, civil society/nonprofit, government, or education—this course demonstrates how building a coaching practice internally for stakeholders within the workplace can help employees at all levels to bring better versions of themselves to all that they do. 

Participant profile/requirements
This course is for you if are:

  • If you are a coach (all levels including exploring coaching as option) who seeks to acquire and/or improve your practice by using culturally adaptive skills.
  • If you are a workplace leader/consultant wishing to understand how to build a coaching practice within an organization.

Learning outcomes
In this course, you will learn how to help yourself and those you work with so that you/they can better: 

  • Gain a better understanding of what coaching is and is not, how it can be used to support people in their development, and why it needs to be adapted to accommodate culturally diverse clients.
  • Practice culturally adaptive skills in coaching using silence, statements, and stories for clients/internal stakeholders to gain clarity, discover their own solutions, and develop across differences
  • Help clients/internal stakeholders learn the process of building an effective coaching practice within an organisation. 

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Participation listing 6 contact learning hours. 

Participant reflections
Here's what 2022 participants have to say about this course:

  1. “Great, open trainer. A mix of humour and actual data is just splendid. Inspiring.”
  2. “[I take away] some very valuable techniques to use during intercultural coaching and a theoretical framework to understand it. It was a very rich day in terms of learning.”

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