Developing practical strategies to defuse polarization and increase impact (8-9 July 2024)

DAD - (De)polarising dialogue

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Developing practical strategies to defuse polarization and increase impact (8-9 July 2024)

DAD - (De)polarising dialogue


   Multiple levels







In the workplace, classroom and on our streets, everyday interactions increasingly provoke angry divisiveness. Red lines are drawn and redrawn between “Them” and “Us”, making civil discussion and respectful disagreements seemingly a thing of the past. This course addresses the real-life issue of divisive rhetoric and polarized encounters in Europe—whether about the pandemic and self-expression, freedom of expression versus hurtful rhetoric, or otherwise. 

Guest faculty
Dr. Maja Nenadović

Why participate
This course will provide you with specific tools and activities that you—and your clients, colleagues, students and trainees—can apply in different polarized situations when non-constructive and, at times, destructive debate hijacks space for dialogue. 

If you work with those who find themselves having difficulty explaining and advocating for their position and views, or are regularly met with opposition and resistance even in the face of science/facts, this course will show how to better adapt communication approaches to defuse tensions, maximize the chances of being heard, and achieve desired outcomes.

Participant profile/requirements
This course is for you if are a consultant/trainer/multiplier/educator who helps those who:

  • Have meetings/lessons/agendas that are ‘hijacked’ by stakeholders with extreme views; 
  • Experience increasingly heated and uncivil disagreements among colleagues, whether around political issues, current events, or otherwise; 
  • Are holding back from authentic engagement due to anticipated/actual discriminatory and hate speech remarks…or the fear of inadvertently giving offense.

We will explore some difficult and, at times, uncomfortable conversations during this course. When analyzing the causes behind polarization, conflict, and the heightened emotions that occur during disagreements, we will necessarily shy away from “political correctness” that may hamper our ability to authentically and clearly address the issues. This said, complex topics will be approached sensitively and with warnings provided.

Learning outcomes

In this course, you will learn how to help yourself and those you work with so that you/they can better: 

  • Immediately “dial down” the temperature in tense and intense verbal encounters 
  • Diagnose communication problems in real-time 
  • Engage in ‘on the spot’ strategic planning to transform communication and improve engagement
  • Implement appropriate strategies for engaging in dialogue with those with (extremely) differing views and making oneself heard 
  • Respond to discriminatory remarks and/or hate speech with integrity and civility

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Participation listing 12 contact learning hours. 

Participant reflections
Here's what past participants have to say about this course:

  • “Dr. Nenadović was amazing. I have never been to a training that provided me with so many tools and knowledge after just two days. In addition to her expertise she also felt very accessible.”
  • “Take this course - you will leave with your assumptions and ideas challenged in a setting that is supportive. It’s hard at times, but hard in the best of ways.”
  • “Maja was an incredible faculty member. Not only did she show great respect for the knowledge the participants bring,  she also shared her personal experiences openly. Despite being a large group, a safe and inclusive space was created which I truly appreciate.”

For course additional details see the Institute for Developing Across Differences website.

Help yourself and those you work with:

  • “Dial down” intense verbal encounters
  • Diagnose communication problems in real-time
  • Apply "on the spot" strategies to transform polarizing interactions
€ 995

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