Dutch B1>B1/B2 intensive

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€    Student rate € 420  |  Discount rate € 510  |  Full rate € 600

Dutch B1>B1/B2 intensive



    Student rate € 420  | Discount rate € 510  | Full rate € 600




You are already able to speak Dutch quite fluently in conversations. Although you may sometimes struggle to find the right words or sentence structure. That’s why you want to improve your Dutch language proficiency. With this Dutch course from the University of Groningen Language Centre, you will be challenged to speak Dutch at an even higher level! 

At the Language Centre, you will learn Dutch at a fast pace with the help of teaching methods we developed ourselves. Our language courses focus on speaking and understanding the Dutch language. This way, you will quickly start to feel more or less at home in the language, and you naturally expand your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for participants with an advanced level of Dutch at CEFR level B1.  During the course, we work towards level B1/B2. The course is taught in Dutch as much as possible, with explanations provided in English when necessary. It is therefore important that you have a good command of English in order to participate in the course.

Plan a consultation
Have you not taken a Dutch course at the Language Centre before? Then it is mandatory to first take a consultation with one of our teachers. 

What will you learn in this course?

This course will be taught as an intensive two-week group course during which you will have 15 lessons. During the course, you will learn, among other things:

  • New expressions and word combinations
  • To use verbs in different tenses
  • To practise with passive sentences, subordinate clauses, and inversion
  • To form and use sentences with the words ‘er’ and ‘zou’
How many hours of independent study are required?

You should expect to spend a total of 45 hours on independent study in order to stay on track with this course. This involves, for example, reading texts and studying grammar. Additionally, you demonstrate your progress by uploading speaking and writing assignments and taking short tests. You will receive individual feedback from your teacher on these assignments. 

What will you be able to do after the course?
  • Speak Dutch fluently and confidently
  • Express yourself well both formally and informally
  • Participate in group discussions with colleagues and acquaintances, even when they speak quickly 
  • Engage in conversations and read texts on a wide range of topics 

After successfully completing this course, you will be ready for the follow-up course Dutch B1/B2>B2 intensive.

Course material

During this course, we will cover chapter 1-3 of the book listed below. You will need to purchase this book yourself:

  • Nederlands op niveau
    Berna de Boer, Ronald Ohlsen
    ISBN 9789046904411 (2nd edition | 2015)

This book also comprises an individual login code for a website containing additional exercises, listening fragments, videos, and songs. You need this code to be able to actively participate in the course. You can also purchase the code separately from the publisher Coutinho

Where do I purchase the book?

  • During registration in our course catalogue, you will receive the book either before or during the first lesson from the language course. 
  • At the Support Office of the Language Centre, during opening times
  • Through your local bookstore or online sellers such as Coutinho and Bol.com. When purchasing a physical book online, pay attention to the delivery time to ensure you receive the book on time.
  • With your DUO-loan (for persons integrating) during registration for the course. If you have done so, you will receive the book before or during your first lesson from the Language Centre.

Practical information

Have a look at all our Dutch for non-native speakers course options.

Dutch group courses

  • Learn to speak Dutch with confidence
  • Individual feedback
  • Focus on speaking and understanding
  • Engaging and experienced teachers

Students and employees of the UG, UMCG, Hanze and Windesheim pay the student rate (students) or discount rate (employees). Log in via the red button to activate the discount!

Student rate € 420  |  Discount rate € 510  |  Full rate € 600

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Course participant says

The atmosphere during the lessons was very fun and pleasant, making mistakes did not feel uncomfortable at all. Also, the teacher made the topics we covered very interesting!











Course participant says

The atmosphere during the lessons was very fun and pleasant, making mistakes did not feel uncomfortable at all. Also, the teacher made the topics we covered very interesting!