NT2-II State Examination: Mock Examination

  Newcomers: civic integration        Advanced
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NT2-II State Examination: Mock Examination

   Newcomers: civic integration


    Student rate € 210  | Discount rate € 210  | Full rate € 220






If you want to prepare for the State Examination in Dutch as a Second Language programme II, you can take a mock examination under exam conditions. The exam will be marked in line with the official exam requirements and there will be a 30-minute individual evaluation.

Normally the mock examination takes an entire day but it can also be spread over two days. The exam evaluation date will be agreed on by the student and teacher.

Please contact the teacher, Jeroen van Engen (j.van.engen@rug.nl), to register for this mock examination, he will contact you to make an appointment.

Once you have received the correct advice for this examen during the appointment, you can register via this link.

Registration for the NT2-II State Examination
Although the Language Centre provides preparation for the NT2 exam, it bears no responsibility for the examination itself, which is organized by DUO.

  • You can find more information about the State Examination on the website of the organizing body, the DUO - IB-groep. At DUO you can also register for the State Examination.
  • General information about the State Examination as well as model exams can be found on the site of the Board of Examinations. This site also contains a number of model exams.

NT2-II State Examination: Mock Examination

  • Prepare for the State Examination
  • Marked in line with the official exam requirements
  • Including a 30-minute individual evaluation

Students and employees of the UG, UMCG, Hanze and Windesheim pay the student rate (students) or discount rate (employees). Log in via the red button to activate the discount!

Student rate € 210  |  Discount rate € 210  |  Full rate € 220